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This is my diary of our new life in New Zealand up to 2011 when we moved to QLD to be near our grandchildren...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Whats happened since Jan?

Oh Boy doesn't time fly

here is a run down of whats happened in Feb.

  • Jason returned and started his 2nd year of his Bach. Degree
  • My dad continued to work on our garden - he was really on a loosing battle with one of the borders... he found ragwort growing in there which was over 4 foot high!
  • we went on trips with Mum and dad and they also went on tiki tours on their own, since we didnt have any holidays to book off (rubbish law here in NZ means you have to wait a year to take any holidays! and i had just got laid off and had to start a new job) Pictures of Mum and dads trip will be on a separate post.

  • Rach & Rick put started to look at houses. They found a house they liked, so I took Rach around the furniture shops, looking for a bargain sofa...I found her one, a real leather one as well, here she is testing it for comfort!

  • Work was full on and the poor horses think they have been forgotten! - aghhh! I am hoping that next season I will have ironed out all the bugs and work will be a 40hr week as its supposed to be, at the minute its more like 50+

  • Mum and dad left for Sydney- after a few weeks of very unpredictable weather, the day mum and dad left for Sydney was sunny - typical! but we went to the lakeside one last time
  • Below: Rob and dad discuss the meaning of life...
after saying goodbye, rob drove me to Kelvin Heights (the other side of the lake opposite Queenstown) for me to cry in peace... a beautiful spot, and it soothed my aching heart.
as I walked along the lakeside, I found this stone .... yes it really is a heart shape. so I took it home to remind me of my mum and dads visit here.
  • a few days after mum and dad left, Rachel, Rick and Cole move into their new home, so that took the edge of the sadness of missing them.
  • I managed to get out riding!
  • Twinkle is in foal(due January)
  • Jasmine is not :-( - oh well maybe next year!
  • Work is still full on - I had to go to Hamilton to train the new site employees how to use the Nav production system.
  • Rob took a few weeks off to sort out the farm for winter..... and on that note, I better get out and help him do the fencing ... Yay its hot and sunny again
I will try to post the pictures of mum and dads trip soon, along with Rachels house


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