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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Coles Naming Day

Well the 13th of May was our grandson Cole's Naming Day, I will not go into the reason it was a civil ceremony other than to say...no wonder the churches are in disrepair in our neighbourhood...the attitude that we got when we enquired about using the local church which is situated across the road from the hotel... was Victorian and cold to say the least....and I say no more!

So Rachel enquired at the registrars office, and they were more than happy to help. (Yay NE Lincs registrars office - Big praises for them)

the ceremony was brilliant, all the adults that will have an impact on Coles life, promised to help raise him into a good caring human being...that included grandparents and godparents.

The Room was nice at the hotel, and the meal afterwards was tasty, (we had a disco at night too)

Cole was an angel the whole day through....he slept through most of the cermony and also was kind enought to sleep while the adults were eating their lunches too..

I and Richards Brother Simon had poems to read out...Simon managed his ok, but I was choked up by the third line!

heres mine....
The Example of Parenthood.

There are little eyes upon you and they're watching night and day
There are little ears that quickly take in everything you say

There are little hands all eager to do everything you do

And a little boy who's dreaming of the day he'll be like you

Your the little fellow's idol, you the wisest of the wise

In his little mind about you no suspicions ever rise

Thers's a wide-eyed little fellow who believes yoy're always right

And his ears are always open and he watches day and night

You are setting an example every day in all you do

For the little boy who's waiting to grow up to be like you.

It was very emotional for me reading it, with us leaving in 2 weeks, but I was glad that Rachel chose me to read it.

Another of the poems that I really like is this one....

I hope my child looks back on today
and sees a parent who had time to play.
there will be years for cleaning and cooking
But children grow up when you're not looking.
So settle down, cobwebs; dust, go to sleep
I'm cuddling my baby, and babies don't keep.

And here are some pictures of the day.....

Rachel, me and Cole (fast asleep bless him)

My family...Rob,Rachel,Richard holding Cole, Jordon Me & Jason

The proud Great Grandparents.

The godparents

The proud parents, photo moment...............

and afterwards while we ate, Cole slept ...but he was rather hungry when he woke up.....

Cole liked the look of his daddys nose....ouch!

A very Nice day was had by all...



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