Our BIG move

This is my diary of our new life in New Zealand up to 2011 when we moved to QLD to be near our grandchildren...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Oreti Sand Dunes

On Oreti Beach, not only has it endless stretches of beach which you can try and beat Bike speed records
Like Burt Munro.

But it also has sand dunes which separate the bush from the beach.

The sand dunes are huge, and these pictures don't really show how big the dips and swells are.

Heres the view from the top of one - looking at the car, We left the pram part way up and Cole loved climbing up by himself.
Heres me helping Cole up....

Rich looks like hes a cowboy on the range!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Coles first beach - Riverton -13th Jan 07

On a sunny day you need to be at a beach..... and kids love beaches, so we went to Riverton on the first sunny day that came along, Jason declined to come due to him being ill, but we went in two cars as there still wasn't enough room for us all (well there was the boot - but that would be illegal! and Jordon wouldnt fit in it - kidding!!)

We parked on the beach

Cole took one look at the water and set off.......

With Rachel trying to stop him going into the water before we had the chance to change him into his swim gear.... She didn't have much luck, and he was soaked in minutes.

Uncle Jordon helped him paddle, but that wasn't enough for Cole and he was soon trying to dive into the waves.....

We finally got him out for long enough to change him and get his bucket and spade out....

Rachel showing Cole how castle making is done!

Heres a rare pic of me and Cole!

Cole wanted to go explore some more, rather than build sandcastles, although he tasted enough of the sand!

The men chilled with a beer, can you see the steam rising in the background? it was hot, and the cooler water on the beach was creating these wisps of steam as the tide went out.

We had lunch at the cafe across from the beach, Nice food, and Rachel fell in love with their Hot Chocolates, it came with marshmallows and a long stick of chocolate on top to swirl in it...YUM is all she could say, and she even went back for another before she went home.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Well New Years eve was a busy day - we were (I mean ME) franticly cleaning up for Rachels arrival, which was supposed to be 1pm but we got a call first thing in the morning to say that they had missed their connection - Auckland staff sent them to the wrong terminal, But they sorted it out for them and in the end they all arrived at Invercargill airport at 4.20pm......I did manage to RUN around the garden with the lawn mower in the extra 4 hrs I had! and I mean Run, its a huge garden and it was real long so it was hard to push/cut - I MUST SAVE UP FOR A SIT ON MOWER!!!!

I was so happy to see them walk out of that plane - I burst into tears.
They managed to stay awake till 12.15pm - bless them!

We got up on New years day - the sun was out, and we went for a drive around town to show them around. We went to Queens Park, which is a brilliant park, and as I work for the department that keeps it looking beautiful, I am proud of it.

heres some pics of the park..
Cole checking out the girl on the swing next to him!

The Waterplay section has all sorts of sprays and a paddling pool, He loved playing in that.....
you press the black square on the floor and the water sprays out of the floor.

here is a link to the video's I shot on my phone, Queens Park Videos : New Years Day

Because I work for Parks, I got us a behind the scenes tour of the animal and aviary sections, we went on the 26th Jan, Caroline who looks after them showed us around (and fell for Cole too)This is inside the aviary, Caroline was impressed with cole as she said most kids cried when the birds screeched - 400decibles or something I think she said. this is a Cockatoo, it could talk as well.

To the Right is "Wobbly" the baby wallaby, there are now 3 at the park, but bless him - he had to have his "bits" chopped as its the law, they are considered a pest in NZ.

Below is "Wilbur" the KuneKune pig, these are a native pig that the Maori brought over with them when they first came to NZ, Or so Caroline told us - he is a real softy, and the Deer were bullying him! Well they are big deer! Heres the link to the Aviary & Animals
where you can see the phone videos I took.... hope you like them,