Our BIG move

This is my diary of our new life in New Zealand up to 2011 when we moved to QLD to be near our grandchildren...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

these ar a few pics of Luke & Jason playing with Cole
this is a picture of Rachel and Twinkle at the Wyndham A&P show, Rachel got a ribbon in the showing class

Ah I love this picture Rob took at the beach, it was a 'boys' day out at the beach - Cole, Rob, Jas and Luke went to Waituna Lagoon to ride the surf on the beach, Luke got to try out his new wetsuit, and Jason tried his for the first time - I'm glad he wore it once before he grows out of it - he got his for xmas last year!

wow its the end of Jan already!

Sorry but I have been so busy with my new job and Visitors (mum and dad arrived on 29th Nov and then Luke arrived on the first week of December and was staying until boxing day when he and Jason flew to England.

Jason is back in Feb, a week before his 2nd year on his degree course starts.

Rachel & Rick are still house hunting, but have something they are looking at (fingers crossed)

Cole turned 3 in January, he had a great time even though it rained off and on at his party.

It was the first week back at Kindy this week - he is fast off, fell asleep at 6.30pm, which is early as he has been up as late as 10pm some nights. Bless.

The horses have been a bit neglected, the last chance I had to ride was when I took Luke for his promised trek and that was on Christmas Day - I had been so busy with starting a new job, and the hours were silly as the systems are in a bad way (well if they wern't I wouldn't be working there!) that if I hadn't took him after Christmas dinner.... then it was packing to do after that!

We have been out and about at the weekends with Mum & Dad, a day touring the Catlins, looking at the waterfalls & beaches. then all the local tourist attractions.

so thats it in a nutshell, the last 2 months have just flown by.

Hopefully next month will be less hectic and I can spend some time with mum and dad.

and fingers crossed Rach and Rick will get their house and I will have somewhere to go for a visit.

I will post a few pictures....