Our BIG move

This is my diary of our new life in New Zealand up to 2011 when we moved to QLD to be near our grandchildren...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

First Pruning Practical - Alexandra

I went on my first pruning practical (I missed the Brambles Practical & all Theory! as we were in the UK, but Tim the tutor says I will be ok! - well we will see, I have yet to read my folder!!!! oops)

It was an early start 5am to be exact, Cole woke up and with getting him back to bed I forgot my mug of tea and my toast - so I had to buy a pie and Flat white at the 24 hr dairy. I met my class mates & tutor Tim's assistant Rachel who was driving the mini bus in Invercargill and we set off for an orchard between Roxburgh and Alexandra. It was pitch black so it was only when we got there that you could see the views.

This is a webcam shot of Alexandra, Its a place I want to visit - soon, its 2 1/2 hrs away from us.

When we got there, we met Tim our tutor (as usual in a t-shirt!) it was cold - real cold, like a UK winters day (first time my fingers & toes have been numb!!!) But Tim got a Diesel burner going in the orchard so we could warm up when we needed too.

A frost view of the valley below

we all walk up to the Apricot orchards

I wonder if the air aid shelter ever got any use!

The frosty orchard.

The sun rises and the frost disappears - along with our woolies!

Class mates pruning Apricot trees


After (can you see the difference?) the tree is a Vase shape and the pruning has allowed light back into the tree, pruned back new growth to force the trees nutrients into the awaiting Fruit buds on last years growth.

Heres a picture of Tim up the mechanical pruner - I had a go in this too, it was fun but the pruners can take a finger off in seconds!!! eek!

we got back to Invercargill at 7ish, I had a great day and brought back 100 cuttings for apricot trees - for my other Propagation course! smart hey!

Monday, June 09, 2008

the trip back

The day we left

The day we left for home, I took Tessa and Toby for a walk around our old neighbourhood one last time, it seemed strange seeing our old garden all weed ridden - oh well I see the Gum tree's grown - funny thing me picking one of those when I did the garden, the amount of New Zealand or Australian native plants that I spotted when we were over - they were all there before of course , but then they were just "architectural plants"Tessa in the back and Toby sniffing something interesting down Blossom Way lane.

These are a few pics that I took on the train to Manchester

When we arrived at the Travel lodge, thinking we would have a nice quiet meal and an early night for our early take off..... NAH! we were surrounded with all the Man U fans that were flying to Russia! Good job our room was well away from the bar as we had to be up at 5am - the 6am bus was full of the Man U fans!

I can't say that the Manchester Airport is of the same standard as Singapore, but the young fella on the Singapore Business desk was very helpful and sorted out our luggage when it had mistakingly been labeled for removal at Changi - we wanted it staying on the plane (less baggage for us - but it didn't help the choclate in them - it was a bit misshapen when I unpacked)

Our plane (below) was delayed for 40 mins while they did 3 last calls (and I mean ... "this is absolutely the last call for passengers 'Joe Bloggs etc' flying to...." the announcer did that 3 times bless her! I hope the passengers appreciated them doing that, as normally they would have took off and left without them)
And best of all - Man U won, so the airport staff would have had some raucous arrivals that's for sure when they all returned

This was a local shopping Mall near our hotel, it had a Topshop, Dorothy P's...shame our cases were already over.... LOL

The rest are street shots, it even rained on the way back to the hotel... I got soaked!

this shot of an old house right next to a new high rise summed Singapore up... an ever changing city full of different cultures and sights, I look forward to visiting it again some time for a longer stay.

And Terminal 3 is fantastic..... so chilled out, the time there flew by and its spotless!

and that propeller actually moves.

the green wall.... to promote a relaxing atmosphere around the baggage carousels!

see... this is what a loo should be like - automatic and spotlessly clean! (yer I know I am being sad now - putting a pic of a loo on my blog - but the loos in Manchester airport were disgusting!
I wrote "clean me" in the dust on top of the loo holder there)

the waterfall in the T3 lounge with orchids growing.
Huge Koi fish in the Koi ponds... very relaxing sitting around them, and they are fed at set times so you can watch.

When we finally got home to Invercargill airport - nice NZ air lady fiddled our excess baggage - Bless her!

Rachel picked us up in MY Car! what a squeeze... Rick had gone to pick up a plow, and hadn't got back in time.....(your saying whats new) LOL

Any way when we got home - so did he, with a few extra bits..... Free I might add, but I think it wil l cost a lot to restore - what do you think......
rob inspects his new garden ornament...and in the garage was the tractor Rick bought on Trade-me... already dismantled and being restored (hes nearly finished it now - I'll put a picture up later)when I finally got in the house there was a nice surprise from Maggie & Steve - Ricks parents - nice flowers - and very 'eastern' I'd seen the exact same plants growing in Singapore! and they lasted 4 weeks!
well thats the end of our trip.... next post will be of my trip tomorrow to Alexandra, I am off on my Pruning course - learning to prune fruit trees (handy as I want my own orchard!)
now where did I put that sunscreen.....