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This is my diary of our new life in New Zealand up to 2011 when we moved to QLD to be near our grandchildren...

Monday, December 24, 2007


Just a few pictures from Xmas Day - The Cats all say thank you to Rachel for their pressies - they all LOVE the Dynamite! and the treats - and I am getting bits of Yellow Fluff everywhere from the mouse when Smokey is attacking it!

here are a few pics of them - first up - Smokey and Oscar cuddling up on Jasons Knee for cuddles.
This was Fluffy trying to get the dynamite.

Smokey and the mouse - Maddy in the background coming to investigate what Oscar and Smokey were doing (Oscar's butt - he's attacking the dynamite in the corner)
Ahhh - he spent ages rubbing the dynamite stick over his face!
And Finally - I thought I would give you a giggle -
Here's Jason and me in our new wetsuits - Kowabunga - wheres the surf!

To all our family and freinds,
we wish you all a great christmas and new year.


Friday, December 14, 2007

Downaccrossup make it to Greenhills & Bluff

Hi there - We had some visitors (Genevieve and Kerrin Revell and Kerrin's mum Janice) on the 14th of December, the couple have sold their house in Auckland and then spending their honeymoon..... circumnavigating New Zealand on horseback to raise money for CanTeen while making a documentary and writing a book. They are going down, across and up again. They left on the 3rd of May 2007.
I contacted them after seeing their departure on Campbell Live with an offer of putting them and their horses up when they were down this part of the South Island.
They originally were scheduled to be here in October (but the weather was horrendous so maybe it was a good job they were behind schedule!)

The Support Van/Sleeping quarters & Tackroom!

Well the day they rode from Motueka to Greenhill’s it chucked it down, but for the Saturday 15th when they rode to the Bluff Signpost it dawned a beautiful sunny day, and it was a perfect ride there.

Genna rides bareback, and her horse Chocolate and Kerrin’s horse Charlie were very bombproof on the roads, and made excellent teachers for Jester, who I rode and Julie Smellies horse Holly who had never ridden on main highways before.

I must say it was very nerve wracking for the first few trucks that hurtled past us, NZ trucks have Double trailers on them, so they are long and very noisy, especially when they are empty, and some of the NZ drivers have no consideration for others on the road or brains when it comes to passing horses or other animals for that matter – but this post is not for ranting about the maniac drivers in NZ (or any where else for that matters!)

We set off down Omaui Road
Photobucket (can you see my shadow?)

We rode from my place at 7.30am, to the Greenhills Quarry where Julie met us (dressed like an English rider with her velvet riding hat (2nd hand at $15 ) on and cream trouser’s that looked like jod’s! – Me – I was dressed in pink Jod’s and my stockmans hat (it covers my ears and stops them getting burnt!) although I guess I should have worn my helmet – since we were riding on roads – Naughty me!

We Rode over the “Greenhills Deer Farm” and then from the Greenpoint track we were on the Main Highway to Bluff…

Julie opens the gates to the Quarry

Kerrin and Genna look and take pictures of the view's over the Foveaux Straight and get their first glimpse of Stewart Island.

we see the Bluff boundary sign

Someone stops us as we were entering Bluff and hands a donation to Kerrin - he had read about our ride in the Paper that morning

we rode past the Bluff Museum & harbour

You could see right to the bottom of the harbour! I was quite amazed and this was the first time I had been down the dock side, as I did not realise you could drive down here.

We got to Bluff at 11.45am and stopped for a bite to eat at “THE GALLEY” café, Bob the Dutchman who own’s it shouted us lunch (it was free) (great feed – recommend it his cooked brckie was excellent and I am going back to try his Blue Cod soon)


and where were the horses while we were eating your asking???


They were in the back of the hotel next door (Foveaux Hotel) grazing – the poor mum of the owner was trying to put her washing out and the horses had got untied (Holly is a mean B^%ch and had tried to kick Jester) and the 4 horses were wandering around. She was too scared to go near them – but at least they did not eat her veggie patch!


We then carried on through Bluff to the Signpost and Kerrin and Genna took pictures & video (Yes I am going to be on TV – well Maybe?)


Oooh look Jester London's that'a'way...


Chocolate wonders what all the fuss is about - and where they are going from here?


then we set off back to our place,

Some children followed us - so we stopped for a chat and to let them stroke the horses


He said it was a long way up....Jester was a gentle giant and let them all sit on his back


Julie left us at the deer farm and went home the way we had come – but we went via the road – the horses were fine in the traffic and it cut the time down by an hour…

Since it had been hot all day and the horses were very tired hot and SWEATY… I suggested giving them a dip in the Estuary – they loved it and Genna and I did too – although my riding boots are a bit stained with the salt now – LOL.


I took my saddle off and rode bareback (OUCH) and we went and had fun splashing in the sea…

Later that night we went to “ The Drunken Sailor” as the owner who trains Gallopers (her horse “Stabicraft” won at the races that day) had shouted Genna and Kerrin dinner. I love the food there also – I had Blue Cod and Scallops (so did Janice) and they were YUM!!!

On Sunday Genna Kerrin and Janice went to Stewart Island and the horses had a well deserved day off. (Genna and Kerrin spent the rest of Sunday editing film, uploading Pictures and Blog – Genna says the easy bits the riding!)

Kerrin & Genna at the Drunken SailorPhotobucket

Janice exclaims in wonder at the size of the Scallops - she was born in Invercargill but moved to Auckland when she was 14.

we took them to the top of Bluff Hill to watch the sun set, they thought it was beautiful
this is the view towards Stewart Island:

Monday was back to work for me – but Genna and Kerrin & Janice set off towards Invercargill (& it was Chucking it down again!!) I promised to get some time off at lunch so I could meet up with them for their official greeting in Invercargill at Wachner Place, where the deputy mayor and a Pipeband and Canteen Southland met them with a Southern Haggis (made with Bluff Oysters)

The Horses were not too keen on the Bagpipes! And I got asked to be Official Photographer for the ride into town – so I ran in front of them from the Appleby triangle to Wachner Place – I am proud that I managed it since I am so unfit at the moment!

Subway donated subs for the riders and public, Canteen were there to show support too. Wachner Place 15th Dec

the horses didn't think much to the bagpipes

the horses did not think much to the pipes

And the children all wanted a bit of the Haggis (honestly it tasted good)

the children thought the horses were neat

Kerrin has promised to send me a disc with the photos on for me to see what they look like!... so watch this space!

It was a real bummer to say goodbye to them when they carried on up to Myross Bush, and I had to go back to work!

wow this ended up a long post!

next post will be about Christmas & New Year no doubt.

Have a Jolly holiday everyone


Sunday, December 02, 2007

1st December ride

I had a choice of going to my Propagation practical or going on a ride from the Greenhills Quarry to the shipwreck on the beach over maori land, since you don't get to ride over land like this everyday, I chose the ride.
I had a bit longer ride than everyone else as I had to ride a km to the quarry from my house, I created a map of the area we rode over, the first part of the ride was to the Ship Wreck and we rode over some native bushland and saw protected sand dunes {DOC fenced it off}

Below is a picture of the coastline, the small outcrop on the horizon is Omaui Island, its a small island which birds nest on.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
We rode along the edge of the sandunes around towards Bluff.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket"
we spot the wreck, and walk down the hill towards it.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Some of the riders have to adjust the saddles as they slipped a bit. and I get a photo of me on Keona for a change.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Up the hill again, Suzie on Guniness and we head back for lunch - and the sun stayed out!
We rode back to the Quarry and the floats for lunch, then since the sun was out, Julie suggested that we could carry on and ride around to Omaui Beach - I was game for that - well it beat doing the chores at home!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Now that was a steep hill, we rode up one of the sisters, and could see all around from the top.

below is a picture of Bluff hill in the distance.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketWhen we got back to Julies house, we hosed down the horses put them out in the paddocks and then had a bite to eat and a glass of wine, while we sat out in the sun.

I then got a lift home with Ellen - I think Keona was pleased that he didn't have to walk home!

Sunday I did the garden - I have got the spuds, Capsicum's and Tomatoes planted today.

A good weekend - oh and Rob got some more of the float done - I must take some pictures!