Our BIG move

This is my diary of our new life in New Zealand up to 2011 when we moved to QLD to be near our grandchildren...

Friday, November 17, 2006

the Cats....and Jasons first Job!

Our Cats have taken over the house, with only Jason being home during the day they have become acustomed to lounging in sunnyspots or on Jasons bed....

THIS IS FLUFFY - formally known as Toffee, but Rob renamed her!

Fluffy tends to either start a fight with Maddy or Maddy gets her first - but thats girls for you!

Oscar to the left here looks and acts a lot like the bestest cat in the world - TOMMY.....as you can see from the picture here.....Tommy knows he is the most handsome cat and tried to sneak to NZ in my suitcase - I wanted to take him but after traveling 29hrs myself I couldnt put him through it in the baggage compartments! Plus Cole would miss him loads!

And last of all this is MADDY, she is a bit shy, but a lovely cat when she wants to be, she is also a good catcher - and leaves little pressies for us on the doorstep!

BUT that will change on Monday as Jason starts WORK!!!!!! (they can stay out till we get home, although I will have to figure out how to keep the Chooks from eating the cat food!)

YES you read that right......he starts work 8am till 4.30pm as a seasonal labourer on the gardening gangs at my place. Well till he starts his college course in February.

I wonder if he will manage physical work for 8hrs? but he will enjoy getting paid!

Watch this space for an update after his first week

Saturday, November 11, 2006

DIY has started

Yes, it didn't take long before Rob had to start demolishing things!....Well I must admit that the Farm Buildings were a mess!

He started last Saturday, but had to finish early because of the Speedway/fireworks outing, we thought 'we can carry on tomorrow....Yep you guessed it, It was blowing a gale and chucking it down, so all we could do was cover it up with a tarpaulin and hope wc could do it on Monday after work.....Well we re hung the tarp once a day, as the wind just blew it open.

Today we woke up to sunny skies again - so we got up and got outside.......

You will notice that there was part of a side left to take down to the left of the picture...to the right bottom corner is a pile of wood that the arborists dropped off for me...Rob can have fun chopping it into smaller pieces some time soon.

And about an hour later........it started getting windy.......then the rain started!

Now you can't see the rain, but it was definately there!....Rob and me are wet and cold, so we have come in for a rest and warm up...its 3pm.

Rob had to stop at 12noon as Jordon wanted to go look at a trials bike (he is currently out and about on one of the nearby beaches - wether its raining or not, trying to break something in the name of FUN!)

Oh well, there you go, New Zealand weather at its finest, hopefully it will blow over in a few hours...praying to weather gods!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

A Bonfire night that would suit our friend Kev

We had 2 choices for Bonfire night - a free work one at Anderson Park, BYO picnic and pay $10 and go to Sandy Point Speedway for a night of races & fireworks after the Burnout - 2 V8's doing donuts until their tires burst - winner is the one who makes the most smoke and bursts his tyres! - Not very environmently friendly I know!

Anyway from the description above you can guess which one we went to!

It started at 6pm, races carried on till dark.....around 10pm I think.

heres the pics anyway.....enjoy

The Orange Kart won.....Kev

There was 3 trailers full of Fireworks these were just a few picks of them...

and next week its MONSTER TRUCKS!! may have to go back again!