Our BIG move

This is my diary of our new life in New Zealand up to 2011 when we moved to QLD to be near our grandchildren...

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Jasons First Driving lesson

Hi therre folks, I have finally got around to posting this ...Jason finally got behind a wheel, the next step is for him to have a go in my car...a manual. He can't take his restricted licence until December, so he has 2 months, then we are going to get him proper lessons so he can pass the restricted test, he needs to be able to drive when he gets an Apprenticeship.

Sorry the video is a bit rough, but I was hiding......

Friday, September 21, 2007

wow its nearly the end of september

Well this month has certainly gone quick, not much to report - other than the new horses...oh and Robs started the Horse Float (YAY!) - pics to follow.....

Tonight Smokey was chasing his tail up the cabbage tree, jumping from branches (he must be part monkey!)

it was dusk so the pictures were a bit hazy, here are the best shots....

the tree - no zoom

Friday, September 07, 2007

Tips to Keep warm - NZ style

ITS COLD and Windy outside, 10 degrees c on the thermostat when I got up this morning.
It got me to thinking about how it was in the UK - in winter it would be just as cold, I remember quite well my Utility room - before makeover (single brick, felt roof concrete floor NO heating - it was the back of the garage) If I left the milk out in there it would more than likely have ice in it! it was colder in there than the fridge! Ha ha.

So the only difference to hear in NZ is that we had Central Heating with thermostats and timers- Insulation, and double glazing!

So what do we have in NZ - well most of the houses don't have Insulation, even in the ceilings, they are either single brick cladding construction with a wooden frame in side. then there are the Villas these are all wood, wooden frame with clapperboard outer frame.
and they usually have tin roofs, but thats not a factor about keeping the cold out as its the lack of insulation (pink batts) as they are called here.

So when winter starts to nip at your heels, and its cold outside.... you may be cold as you wrap the scarf, gloves and hat around you before you open the door to go to work...... have a thought of the majority of the tennants - who wear them to bed

Me - well I am sat in front of my cozy fire, the loft is now insulated, as is the underneath of the floor, and the walls.... but I can say that in the daytime, I have never been so cold as to wear 2 pairs of socks and a few jumpers before going riding! So NZ feels warmer in the daytime at least.

most people say put another layer on - or they have throws, and snuggle sacks - Fleese blankets with zips that they zip themselves into. then theres the electric blankets (ooh hang on a sec while I turn mine on.......)

Ok where was I.... Yep Leccy blankies - I remember staying at my Nanas as a kid, they didn't have heating upstairs, just Night stores and a fire downstairs (sounds familiar) NZ is Nanas (only a 25yr gap!)

Oh well I better get to bed..... or the weekend will be wasted. (robs building me a horse float!!!)

Free Smilies and Glitters

Saturday, September 01, 2007

two new arrivals

I finally got in early enough to get a horse that was on my budget so we travelled on Saturday afternoon to Haldane in the Catlins.... the views on this farm were awsome. Bush on oneside, the sea to the right.

This is the view of the BBQ and bush covered hills, and then theres the sea over the paddock.

(15 others were on a waiting list and offered more money!) but Diane & Roger said I had first dibs - so Keona Boy is mine (I paid for him on the Sunday as I forgot my cheque book! oops - there you go - Southland hospitality, they let me take him home and said post a cheque! but I drove back on the Sunday instead, the drive is a very scenic one, so we didn't mind.

we hired a float to get him home, and Rob took measurements - to build one for me!

it wasnt that great, but it was ok, mine will be betterWe hit a bit of a traffic Jam on the way home,

the sheep looked like they were about to drop lambs on the road so we slowly drove through them, there were sheep for about 2kms.

we went through 4 mobs of them.
but they all look alike so I put one pic up Free Smilies and GlittersFree Smilies and GlittersFree Smilies and Glitters

Heres a picture of home, its Bluff hill in the distance, we were about an hour away by road - they are very twisty.

Here he is looking at his new home (excuse my horrid dress sense - I've been in NZ too long that I don't give a fig what I wear! - At least I haven't started going to the shops in my PJ's and slippers!

On the sunday morning we went to check out the 4yr old (Harrys Boy - BOY they use BOY alot in horse names don't they!!!www.thesmilies.com
that was taking a one way trip to the cannery if we didn't take him, I thought - what the heck, even if he's not much of a ride - I can find him a home once he's broken to a saddle. (hes just raced on the track with a sulky cart)

he was busy looking at the other horses when he was in the stable.

he looks sweet enough, hes definately too skinny so he is on a weight gain program and has Jasmines rug until his arrives in the post (the other 3 are rugless so I am hoping the weather stays mild)

here he is waiting for me to feed them after work

Heres Jasmine & Jesterdale waiting for their tea... the Farrier is coming Saturday, and I have ordered a new saddle, I will be busy thats for sure