Our BIG move

This is my diary of our new life in New Zealand up to 2011 when we moved to QLD to be near our grandchildren...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tims first ride at Sandy Point

With the continuation of Tim's training after the successful first backing last weekend,
and the progress on Tuesday, I sat on his back on Thursday, & then Rob lead him around our yard.

He didnt do a thing wrong and was very calm, he got 2 apples as a reward.

Things are progressing nicely.

Yesterday I took him to a training day at the equestrian centre at Sandy Point. I took him to get used to being around other horses and to get used to being tied up at the box.
While I rode Jasmine, he whinnyed for a while but was fairly well behaved, he soon settled down.
After I had rode Jasmine, I lunged him, then got on his back again and we rode around for a while, with Rachel leading him on a lead rope on his head collar.

He was very good, so I said I was going to take him out with Jester, Rachel thought he would be fine with a short ride.

He was very calm, he was following Jesterdale, we went through the woods along a little track that twists around the trees, it was good for him to consentrate where he was putting his feet, and also gave me the opportunity to use the aids to turn him so he got used to what they mean.

we went to the carpark near the beach and then turned back for the float.

he passed 2 cars, and a bunch of people & kids cutting up fallen trees, and never put a foot wrong. We also had a moving car pass us, which he ignored also.

So he gets an A++ for today, and another apple! Next weekend I am taking him to the RDA and I will ride him in the arena, I have a dressage test to practice for Sunday on Jasmine also.

here is a photo of Tim, its not a great one, but thats because Rob took it...I'm the david bailey in our family!

Next week I have a dressage test on Jasmine... and Rachel hasn't even given me the test to learn yet! Oh an the other good news is the weathers getting warmer, and the nights are getting lighter, so Spring is on the way!!! YES!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rachel riding Doc

this is a video I took of Rachel riding Doc who is Bill's horse
he is 3/4 TB and 1/4 Warmblood.

this was taken in July.

the indoor school is the Riding for Disabled indoor school, we have a key that costs $70 a year and we can book and use the school when we wish, $4 hr for the Lights if its Dark.

this is a bargain, and very handy in the winter. I took Tim there on Sunday and we lunged him, put a saddle on him, and he was so calm about it we decided (well Bill did) that it was time I got on him!

So I first put my foot in the stirrup and leaned on the saddle for a second and got down.
there was no bad reaction, so I did it again and leant over him for a minute or two.
Bill said that was enough for the day and that he had been brilliant.

So he got a carrot when he got home for being so good.

And Tonight I put the saddle on him at home, and with the help of Rob, I went through the routine again, but this time I sat up on him. I sat there for 2 minutes, and he was so good.

His ears were twitching - he was probably thinking what you doing up there mum?

so I hope its a nice night tomorrow as I plan on sitting on him while Rob leads him around the yard.

Sorry no photos, but I didn't have anyone to take them!

I am so proud of him, he got an Apple tonight

Sunday, August 02, 2009


here is a video of Cole dancing - to the credits of Happy Feet. he loves to perform. Enjoy

Winter 09

Well Sorry I haven't blogged for a while, we haven't really been doing much really, just the normal, go to work, come home, do chores - go to the beach if its sunny etc.

so here is a rundown of what we have done so far this winter.

the weather has been mild mostly, the occasional frosty day

It did snow - once, and it actually snowed in town, but not here as we are too near the sea... Poor Sheepie!

But for the most, we have had lots of rain, then it will dry up... then just as the paddocks get nearly bog free...it rains again!

At the end of June I made the decision to sell Kenona, as we have too many horses for me to ride, Kenona was the most sellable, and although it hurt like hell to part with him I waited until I found the best home for him.

Rebecca and Aaron had just moved to Queenstown, and they came and tried him out a few times.
When they finally said could they have him, I took the day off to take him for a last ride before I took him up to them, as they didn't have a horse float.

He Rode like a dream, Jumped everything I put him too, boy I was really sad I wanted to keep him! And he was such a beautiful horse..But he was getting bored as I didn't have enough time to ride him regularly. so it was for the best.

We took him up on a Saturday & they also bought another Standardbred from Invercargill so we picked him up and took them both up to Queenstown, it was a sunny day and Kenona & Slater had 3 hrs to get to know each other. Luckily they made friends, Kenona made sure he was boss, and with Slater being only 4 then he was happy to have a friend to stick with.
here are a few pics of him at his new home...
Rebbecca looked so happy - she looked as if it was Christmas morning, look a her grin!
Rebbecca leading Slater & Me leading Kenona (Rob didn't take a picture of me up close with him as I was crying loads and looked a state!)

Kenona & Slater saying hello to the horses across the road... and they have a lake view!

I think Kenona was very happy to be in a field full of grass, with not a boggy muddy patch in sight! I took this picture just as they both broke into a canter around the paddock.
There is a gate that leads onto a track that goes up into the hills - so he will have lots of beautiful countryside to ride around, and I know that Rebbecca will look after him as good as I looked after him.

Rachel moved her horses to another place (again) and we swapped back Acia for Jesterdale, (Acia had tried to jump out the new field at the first place, so she came back to our home and Jester went there to keep Twinkle company for about 8 weeks, which was good as there was lots of grass, and not much mud.)

But when Rachel moved again it was to a place with foals the same age as Acia, so she came to pick her up - I was sad to see her go, but she walked out the field perfectly and straight into the float! I was very proud of her good manners, but I didn't think Jester was happy to be back home in the mud!

I have had a few days off - not many though - half a day here and there to take Tim to the vets - He got hit in the eye with a branch when coming out the paddock, and I took him to the vets surgery to get it checked out, and although he didn't scratch the cornea he got an infection (he could have gone blind) and its took 8 weeks & 2 further visits to get it better (vet bill $$$).

When I did have 4 days off before Jason's Birthday (28th July). where I planned to go riding, bake cakes & go shopping - I spent 3 of them waiting in for Telecom to fix our broadband! (new Router/modem and lots of phone calls later we were back on - but it took me 5 days of getting annoyed with Vodafone!)

Jason's computer motherboard packed up along with his graphics card - so he has only just got it fixed - thanks to birthday money & part of his savings he now has it going and a new 19" screen. So he is now happy again playing his games online!

So that's about it really - I have gone riding when I can, and Rob and Jason have had their PC's to keep them entertained during the dark nights and wet weekends... and sunny ones!

Although we did go on a walk down Bluff hill a few weekends ago when it was sunny.... Jason was feeling a bit under the weather and we had Cole all weekend, so I talked Jason into coming for a walk, we ended up going up Bluff hill as Cole wanted to climb a mountain.....

well we walked down half way, and then we decided that it was going to be easier to walk down and around to Stirling point, have something to eat and drink (I got into big trouble for leaving the water bottle in the car!) and then ring Rachel who had borrowed my car - to come pick us up and take me to get the truck at the top.... 4 hrs later we got home, but hey it got Jason off his PC and out getting some fresh air, and Cole bless him, he walked all that way and never complained a bit, he had a blast.

Here are some photos...
Jason & Cole walking up the track.

Jason stops for a breather!

we finally got to Stirling Point & the Sign.
We had Fush and Chups at the Lands End Hotel.
the owners kindly let me ring Rachel as there was no Mobile signal!

we went to the beach below Stirling point after lunch to wait for Rachel - Cole found a shell for his mum...

Cole chats up some girls!

Cole and grandad skipping stones..Cole was quite good, getting 2 or 3 skips!

Cole said he had a great day...

Cole and Jason chillin on the sofa with Maddy the cat. (she went missing for 5 months when we had a houseful!)

So now we are up to date - this week I bought a new sink for the bathroom - here it is - smart tap isn't it! It was a bargain $300 - tap & cupboard included! All I need now is to find a nice bath and then Rob can re-fit the bathroom...

But Rob says that is Job number 2 - the first job was altering the lounge/dining area - our house has open plan living area, but its a bit cold in winter, so we have just put a wall up between the lounge and dining/kitchen area.

Today Rob plastered the new wall, and I went UNDER the house to move the TV aerial and Satellite TV cable - funny how I got that job huh! - although if Rob tried he'd get stuck!!!!! And Jason is funny about small spaces, so that leaves me.....

I also went up in the loft - actually I did this part first (Jason said that he wanted me to go in the loft first as if I get electrocuted under the house he would never get his Ethernet cable to his room - nice to know he has his mums well being at heart - lol.)

Pictures of under the floor....

and Me when I had finished crawling under there!!! Wasn't I brave!!!!

After a LONG Shower.... a very long shower, I went out riding, I rode Jasmine out first, then Jester and led Tim (hes not broken in yet) I got out and back before the rain arrived again...I can hear the wind blowing and the rain hitting the windows as I type this.

So now I am going to finish up and go have a glass of wine and sit in front of the fire and watch a movie. Work tomorrow....gosh the weekends just go too quick.