Our BIG move

This is my diary of our new life in New Zealand up to 2011 when we moved to QLD to be near our grandchildren...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dressage - ok i'll give it a go!

Hi there - so what did we do in September? (not much really - went out for Ricks Birthday & did stuff around the farm - not much though as its so muddy we can't actually do the jobs we need to do!)
Rachel talked me into entering into a dressage series, she was entering Twinkle, and since there was a spare space in the float & its no fun going on your own, I said OK.... it will be a laugh at least!

I decided to take Jasmine, she has a nice trot & Rachel thought she would be able to do the basic training test - which is all walk & trot.

Easy I hear you say... well not quite, you have to have a nice controlled trot, walk and extended walk.

The first week, I did the very first test, and got an ok score of 56% (Rachel got a 3rd & a 4th place - so well done to both of them on their first competition!)

And this weekend we went back for another go... they had show jumping on as well.... (Rachel was supposed to be filming it - but messed it up!!!! so no photos or video of me - Gutted!)

But I enjoyed it and signed up for the next weekends test - shame it rained constantly ALL week - so the first time we had a chance to ride or practice was Saturday!

Rachel and I went down to Sandy Point on Saturday and practiced the test, and tried the show jumps - now Jasmine has never done a stitch of dressage or Jumping in her life, so this is a big deal for her to do this willingly and she is a very nervous pony as she has had a rough life before we got her.

So Sunday rolled around and we got up early and went back to Sandy Point.
They were running Show Jumping at the same venue, and Rachel wanted to take Twinkle in the Jumping, So I took Jaz too

I thought what the heck... we will give that a go too, I should have waited till after the dressage, as it just worked Jaz up and she was a bit unresponsive on the dressage test, it was a harder longer test, we got 50.1% this time.

Rachel did better (really good score on her first test, but had her jumping boots on Twinkle - so got eliminated - Big Bummer as she had the best score so would have come 1st!)
Rachel entered the next level too, and came 2nd! - Yay well done Twink & Rach!

video (first time I have uploaded some so hope it works)

on the weekend between - I took Keonoa to the show jumping, but my stirrup broke after the first round, luckily it broke after landing otherwise I would have hit the dirt!

Of course Rachel was jumping too so the only picture of Keonoa is in the holding pen's. at least he looked flash in his rug (Rachels that is LOL)

here is a picture of Rachel & Twinkle jumping - She came 1st !!!!! Well done to both of them for their first showjumping comp.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Propagation course coming to an end - site visit

Well I spent ages getting the place sorted for my tutor to arrive - and he didn't (he had double booked thursday and sent an email saying can he come friday.... only he ment a week on friday!)

so he has just left and I just need to finish a few questions I missed and post it off, all sorted!

Yes, now I can relax and just garden - not worry about filling in forms and remembering exact dates.

Picture of my one set of plants

Pictures of the cuttings and then the cuttings potted up.