Our BIG move

This is my diary of our new life in New Zealand up to 2011 when we moved to QLD to be near our grandchildren...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

3 weeks in the UK, chillin and visiting family

This is a whirlwind view of the area we used to live in.

Immingham- Pop12,200 at last census is where we used to live and is where our family live still.

Grimsby (pop. 87,574) is the nearest town to where our family live, and this is where the big shops are. this site has more pictures and funnily enough also has a few of my mums home town Louth, which is probably the only town around now that still has a town shopping district, not a Mall.

A street of terraced houses which used to be houses but most have been converted into flats now.

A aptly named street & a view of the old buildings still left in Victoria Street, we wern't used to the traffic !

This is the Victoria Mill, its been converted into appartments now after been derelict for many years, I took the picture as we were going over the bridge over the Victoria docks

Habrough , the nearest small village to Immingham, and the nearest train station.

The village Pub, and shop (which used to belong to Rachel)

Dot buying some dog food...
look at the price Rachel.... (Dot must have had special gram rates when it was Rachels shop!)

The next village is actually the Lord Yarborough's Brockelsby Estate which is the home of the Brockelsby Hunt and was the Hunt that I used to belong to, and since the Stupid Government banned fox hunting the hunt have promoted the hounds as much as posible so that the hounds do not disappear, as it is one of the oldest in Britain and there are descendants of the hounds living in New Zealand today
the estate is also the home to the Pony club both myself and Rachel were members. The village is for the workers of the estate, and because of this there its still as it was when it was first built.

these are the gates into the village, there is a set on the other side too.
view of the traffic - a quiet day really
oh and funny how you never take notice of what is growing at the side of the road - but now after 2 yrs in New Zealand, I noticed Gorse growing everywhere!
if your interested in the history of the migrants from this area in the 1800's read this article on line it is a very interesting read.


Another village the other side of Immingham is East Halton, we used to live there, and

Views of East Halton Skitter - the sea wall which stops the Humber river from flooding, we went for a walk there since we once live in East Halton for 7 years.

when we were not travelling about we chilled out at mam's and sunbathed - yes it was sunny for most of the time we were over - for a change LOL, I had a few comments on how healthy I looked when I got back to work, so I must have got a tan while reading near the water feature.

Visitors from Spain...meet up with my family

My mum and dad drove from Spain in their mobile home, and while they were visiting we met up with my sister and we went for a pub meal in the sunshine.

The van has all mod cons, a home away from home for them.

Jus proudly showed off her 'Bump'

Ah... a lovely sunny day (yes they actually happen sometimes in the UK)

Jus proudly shows off 'Bump' - the maternity clothes are much trendier now - I cringe about what I wore!..... 20 odd years ago...

Mum Dad and Jus enjoying a cold drink before lunch was served

Rob and I went to Lincoln for the day with mum & Dad - for a trip dow n memory lane....

we went for 'high tea' at the cafe I used to go to with my nana and her sister, the smell of coffee
just took me back to being a kid, the building is a very old Stokes High Bridge Cafe
I used to save my crusts to feed the swans.
the back view

down the narrow side passage to the front of the buildings

the front view.Dad outside the loo's - nice period door signs arn't they! (I couldn't tell which were the ladies or gents)
Tea and scones I think...

We also went to a park in the city, shame the noise of the traffic is always constant - it would have been a nice peaceful walk (I have been spoilt by the quietness of the NZ parks I think)
Nice Mews....
ah a nice greasy cafe.... Bacon butty please

the ducks were having a nice time.

Mum & dad are coming to New Zealand at Christmas, so I will have to take them to see the parks here.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Catching up with the family

The best thing about coming back to the UK is seeing Jordon, he was busy working shifts, but we saw him everyday even if it was for a little while.

Jord & Emma off out for a party, I curled Emma's hair for her, she looked like a model! Jord's a handsome hunk too.
Jord show's his dad his bike...
Hanging out at Angela's, we helped her fit a new pump for her pond. Angela, myself and Karen sunbathed.....
while Rob fixes the laptop.... & Kai finds some good tunes on his i-pod.

Dot and Gordon threw a BBQ and as always the sun disappeared! - so out came the coats
or sat in the house!Oh well - it would have been odd having a sunny BBQ lol Rich's parents came too.

Jacks dog Charlie says hello, with Luke in the backgroundRob says - wheres the sun?
vJack's going for a NZ mullet hair do - just like Cousin Jason!