Our BIG move

This is my diary of our new life in New Zealand up to 2011 when we moved to QLD to be near our grandchildren...

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Well a week has gone by, the weather has been typical, you have 2 days off...and it rains!

OK it only rained for a while yesterday, and it looks as if the suns popping out now..yes there it is!

it came too late, it rained at night and once again the riding has been called off! thats 2 times in a row...looks as if it will be spring by the time I get on a horse!

The weeks training went well, Jan left on friday, after having a sendoff in the Smoko (canteen) and the boss bought 3 cases of beer and a bottle of red wine (ah he has good taste in wine!!)

when there was only me Jan and one of the guys left...we went to the pub, and picked up Rob on the way, the pubs at the end of the street, but its at least a 10 min walk, so we drove and left the car there till morning. I think Jan enjoyed herself, and I think Rob was pleased that we invited him....but I had a hangover in the morning...my first in NZ!...well i had a headache anyway! that will teach me to mix wine and beers!

Well I am off to have some breakfast, and then we will go do something with the rest of our Sunday.

Both back to work now...so it feels like we have got back to normal life....shame the lottery win didnt come ...It would be nice not to work! ha ha


Monday, July 17, 2006

first day at work

Just a quick update on my first day at work...

It was good, the crew were nice , there are a few women crew as well, so I won't be the only girl on smoko! {tea breaks}

Jan who I am replacing is very nice, she has another job in town and leaves friday, so I have a week to get to know what to do, I am sure i will be fine!

My boss seems nice, but he was a bit busy today, so we only chatted briefly.

8am to 4.30pm flew by with 2 breaks and lunch too.

although I am up at 6am, to get Rob to work! so its off to bed early for both of us!

Thats all folks ...till the weekend

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Last Weekend before I start work..PM

It was still a nice day, even though there was a light cloud cover, it was still warm. half way up to the bluff point I got out to take a photo, it was a really steep hill, although it doesnt look it on the photos....

We reached the top.

We went for a walk to the point the walk said it was 40 mins, but we decided to take another route back to the car, as there had been a LOT of steps to climb down, and I didn't think I could face climbing up them!...but there was Just More..on the other routes!

We reached the point ....then it was time to walk back...

and it took us over 2 hours to walk back to the car...and the sun was setting!

Well the suns setting on my last day before going back into work...I hope I like the Job, and that the weekend comes soon!

Bye for now

Last Weekend before I start work..AM

Well since I start work on monday, we decided that since it was another nice day we would have a look around, and we went to find Omaui Beach, and Bush Reserve which is just before you get to Bluff.

We went into the bush reserve for a walk to the viewpoint at the top.

the Beach at Omaui, and the houses, now I could live with a view like this!

Nice to see that the locals cleaning up the beach!....free fire wood, but I bet it will take a while to dry out!

Friday, July 14, 2006

The Holiday is over...........

Yep, I have to go back to reality.....8 am Monday morning I start work!

Oh, I have soooo enjoyed not working, although I know I would get bored after a while...maybe... ;-)

but there are so many things to see and do here that it would have taken a long time...

but at least I will be earning some $$$$ instead of spending it!

What job your wondering....well its working for the council in the Parks department, Administrative Assistant to the Parks Operations Manager.

God I don't relish getting up for 8am! good job its only around the corner from where we are living, so I can at least snatch a few mins extra in bed.

anyway thats my news for today, I went mad and shopped all day, so tomorrow I have 2 bedroom suites and a hall unit (wooden with mirror and drawer and coat hooks...will take pictures and add later) being delivered....I'm still impressed on the quickness and customer service that you get in NZ shops (well the ones that I have shopped in) not only did I get discount/ and I love a bargain! the delivery is the same day/or next day and they carry it into the room too.

I also got some bargain kitchen storage things from a shop called Briscoes, and a Knife block set, which was reduced from $80 to $29. And I made Rob a homemade mince beef and onion pie for tea today...well I thought I would make an effort since I won't want to be bothered after working all day!



Saturday, July 08, 2006

A rainy day in Invercargill- Waipapa Point

Well we had our first real rainy day...most of the rain has been at night!

But we went for a drive anyway...it still looks nice when its pouring.

we went to Waipapa Point, which is about 50 or so km away from Invercargill, on the way to the Catlin forest,

This is the Lighthouse which was built in 1884 after New Zealands worst civilian shipwreck - Tararua happened on the reef just out from the shore. 131 of the 151 passengers and crew died.

two important changes in maritime law were also put into place...compulsory provision of life jackets for all passengers and that the crew regularly practice lifeboat evacuation procedures.

It can be seen 16km away (9 nautical miles)
its run on solar power and is monitored by computer and Maritime NZ staff in Wellington since 1979.

The waves were huge, the wind was quite strong, we were walking along the shore when I nearly stood on this......

she woke up and went off into the crazy waves..I felt a bit guilty so I left....hope she was ok, but I was buzzing after seeing my first real Wild life since arriving in New Zealand...

we set off home and had fish and chips for tea!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Today we went to Queens Park

Today we went to Queens Park, in the centre of Invercarvill. it is a large park and it was a sunny day, we also went to the Southland Museum which is next door, and it was very interesting with paintings and exhibits about the Southland and Otago areas in the past.

Me next to a Huge Eucalyptus

The sun was shining most of the day, it was lovely to walk around and we stopped at the Cafe in the park for lunch and coffee...New Zealand has good coffee....well except for the Timaru BP garage the coffee there was as horid as the UK clix coffee!

The Park also has an Avery

The budgies were playing hide and seek!

a Kea

The Winter Garden, opened 1957

Rob wonders if it will attack....

well thats all folks...for now