Our BIG move

This is my diary of our new life in New Zealand up to 2011 when we moved to QLD to be near our grandchildren...

Saturday, April 14, 2007

YEE HA - RAWHIDE!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was not as windy as predicted so the Cattle muster was going ahead, its been a blustery day, with occasional rain and Rainbows

This is a panoramic view of a rainbow from our front gate.....its 4 pictures in one....

We rode to the beaches on Andy's property and looked for the cattle to bring back to the yard.

We found them all hiding in sand dunes sheltering fron the wind and rain

we herded them through to the fenced paddocks, we even saw some Deer and some stray sheep...but thats for another days mustering - Yippee, I always wanted to be a cowgirl! now I got my wish, I rode one of Andys horses, his names Dimmer (yep silly name) but he was a bril ride, and I am going to see if Andy will let me try him out in view to buying him for me to ride on the cavalcades next year.

there were rainbows popping up everywhere too, beautiful wild country....I had ace fun. and we went back to the yard for Beers and BBQ after the horses were sorted.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Well a month has gone by so quick, so I thought I would put a post up to let you know what we have been up to this month..... not much other than work - DIY and oh I went on a 2 day trek - and the boys had to fend for themselves for the weekend!

Now that the seasons are changing, the chance of capturing a good sunset or sunrise increases, I think that in Autumn and Winter the sunrises seem to be more intense - or maybe its just that you get to see them more often because they happen when your getting up!

I took this photo one night when I was out seeing to the animals, it had been a glorious day and as the tide was coming in, but the next day dawned into a beautiful day too.

I went to my first Trek or Cavalcade as they are called on the 23rd March - it was called the Catlins Canter - as it is held in the Catlins each year. This time is was at Kaka Point, which took about 2 hours to reach we were towing a horse float so it took a little longer than a usual car journey...

As you can see Jester only just fitted in the float!

We got there at 6.30pm, just in time to get the horses settled, pitch my tent - YES I was sleeping in a tent - a first for me!
It was a bit cold at around 5am so I got up but at least I got to see 2 great sunrises....

Saturday night - meal & disco - look no make-up! I won a bag full of Loreal hair products too - Awsome (LOL)

We rode from the beach at Kaka point over hills and other beaches till lunch which we had near Surat Beach.This picture was taken half way up the first hill - ONE of MANY!
We saw loads of Sealions on the way to Surat Bay, this was a baby about a year old.

After lunch we set off over the hills - boy they were steep, so steep you had to get off and walk downhill.

this picture was taken at the top of one of the highest points - we had rode from the beach in the background.

While I was away Rob had been a busy bee and had been working away on the stables, it had been a beautiful weekend at home too, so he had got loads done...and we should get them finished by the end of the Easter Break - we get 5 days off as we have the Tuesday off too for Southland Anniversary day - YAY!