Our BIG move

This is my diary of our new life in New Zealand up to 2011 when we moved to QLD to be near our grandchildren...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

we have had some babys.....

well the hens found a gap between 2 bales of hay and started nesting - 2 eggs hatched but the chicks ended up dead - by the roosters we expect - they were pecked - or it could have been the cats....So we quickly finished the new hen house in the field and transfered the eggs/hens....we also found 3 chicks that had made it.......all together.....Ahhhhhh!

the next day another chick hatched...that was the lot, I guess moving the eggs disturbed the hens and they stopped nesting. But at least these survived......

Oh and the Sheep are returning for Xmas......Bahhhhhhh (Putting them in the paddock furthest away from our bedroom! I don't want them keeping me awake again!

Nearly Christmas - can't believe it!

Hi there, I haven't posted much lately - too busy to be honest.

I am swamped at work, due to PC problems for 2 weeks and now my boss is off sick - back op!

But the times been ticking away, Jason's been working hard (he has muscles - from all the digging etc)

He enjoyed it too, its his last week this week - unfortunately he had a throat infection so last week he was off work - so no pay!

He wants to go shopping for pressies after work!

Friday is BBQ at work - then its 2 days to go - I haven't even got a tree up!

Jordon was anti xmas anyway. But I am going to put the tree up soon - when hes not looking! Ha Ha

Well better check on the paint and see if I can get another coat on before bed - I am painting the ceiling in what will be Coles Room.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

A nice romantic evening drive.........

Well, me and Rob needed to get out of the house and get away from the Kids...

we decided to drive the quad over the riverbed, as the tide was out.....NOW I was a bit hesitant about this as We had to pull Jordon out when he got his bike stuck half way in some quagmire......

Well we went and got stuck.....

We rang Jordon and he came out in the 4x4.....that got stuck....16Min's later we got that free, we then spent the next 2 hrs trying to get the quad out - waist deep in smelly black mud!

We then got it free......for Jason to drive it straight into another bog!

So another 45Min's later we got it free...then built a bridge of logs and brush to get it over, and we finally got home...and had to Jet wash the whole thing down...along with all our clothes and shoes.

you can see from the dejected picture of me it was NOT the relaxing time I was expecting, and I am definitely NOT driving on the river bed anymore, no matter what the locals say about it being OK!!!!!

boy I am shattered now, Shame I didn't take a pic of Jordon doing a evil Knievel stunt over the bridge that we made...but I was too distracted by the thought of it getting stuck again