Our BIG move

This is my diary of our new life in New Zealand up to 2011 when we moved to QLD to be near our grandchildren...

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

on the 26th July we went to Cromwell to learn how to prune Grapes, Berries & Roses.
this is the Vinyard we went to in Cromwell.

we start walking to the vines that need pruning (half have been done already)it was a lot warmer than when we went to Alex pruning fruit trees

first you have to prune off last years growth, and un-thread from the wires...

a pruned Vine, these have been pruned to leave 4 leaders to grow the grapes on & theses will grow from the 2 buds that are left on the ends of last years growth.
a pond at an orchard in Cromwell
Tim also took us on a tour of a large vinyard (huge and no one around either) this was the top of a large irrigation pond - Tim was wondering how much was in it... so they had a look
ahhhh...only in NZ, the tutors have a race from the bottom to the top! - Tim won of course

the course transport.... I was in the red van with Tim (our vans heater was out!) the other was warm as toast, typical
Red currant bushes, that have been neglected. they need to get air circulating in the bottom and although we cut out a lot of where the fruit will grow, the crop will be better next season.
One finished bush and another half done.
Kane has had a hard day's pruning! but the prunings were full of bugs & spiders!

this tree has 2 dominant leaders, and to get the tree growing straight again the weaker one needs to be taken out.
the right side was taken out, the main branch taken off and then the cut is neatened off.

the final look, now the branches on the remaining leader should grow out the right side.
this is what the kiwi's call a 'snot tree'.... thought I'd get one for my garden!

we also went to 'Monte Christo' in Cromwell, it was closed for the winter but its usually open in summer for the tourists, i'm taking mum & dad to see the rose pruning we did.... and to taste the produce of the cafe/gardens

well thats your pruning lesson for today (LOL)

spring is around the corner.... I better get busy in the garden