Our BIG move

This is my diary of our new life in New Zealand up to 2011 when we moved to QLD to be near our grandchildren...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Autumn is on its way....

I have noticed that the mornings are getting a bit darker - the sun has just been rising when I have gone to work early - this means that Autumn is around the corner, and true to form today has heralded a windy cloudy day.

But after non stop sun and no rain - both the garden and paddocks are glad of a bit of rain....
But its not that cold though.

This means I can catch up on some neglected house work, since the dusting etc has taken a back burner to out door tasks, I will probably take the horses out later, but this morning is a lazy time and I thought I would load up a few sunrise pictures I took this month.... enjoy

Now, I need to find where I stashed that Hoover (to you kiwi's - a Lux)......

translation: Vacuuming the carpets in the UK is generally called 'Hoovering' - nicknamed after the most popular brand.
But in NZ the most popular brand was 'Electrolux' - hence the term 'luxing'

Next project

The Float is now finished and ready for the road... so Robs got 1 week left to build the deck!

By the time I got home on Friday he had the first part of the framing up.

The sunny weather seemed to go too, although its supposed to be back by Monday (typical hey! no matter where you live - UK or NZ its crap weather at the weekend and good when your stuck at work!)

I wanted it a bit larger so I helped him on Saturday to build another section.

The decking planks are due to be delivered on Wednesday - so hopefully it will be finished by Saturday..............

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Surf to City 2008

Well I survived!,

I walked 11.5km in 2 hours..... here are some photos..

The gang... from the left ...

Kerry, Rose, (Karen at the back of Rose and Kerry) then Jeannene, Me, Judy, and Kerry's sister who works as a radiographer in Ireland, and was over for her annual trip home.

The cyclists set off first, then the runners and then the walkers - I tried to keep up with Judy but after half an hour I slowed down a bit... boy she can power walk!, but I was only 3 minutes behind her at the end.

My official time was 2 hours and 2.47 minutes - I put 2hrs 3mins on the certificate!

Off to have a glass of wine and rest my feet now..............

Saturday, February 09, 2008

What has been happening lately?

Hello, well its February already!

So what’s been happening down on the farm?

Well Robs been busy getting the float finished – it should be on the road Monday! YAY!!!

Last weekend I went to the Gore A&P show, then on the Sunday Rob and I went to the Invercargill Rodeo… oh if I had moved here 10 yrs ago – I’d have loved to get into Barrel racing!

This weekend is a busy one too, I have just got back from mustering the cattle in from the back of Andy’s place. I rode Andy’s horse Dimmer – sweet gelding – but with a bad habit of galloping off as you get on! I am glad to say I am still quick at getting on and still have good balance!

So onto some photos….

Some more Float building……

Gore A&P

The Classic cars

Now I want some Alpaca’s soon – they are so cute!

Ride em Cowgirl!

Cattle Muster

Andy’s Wrangler’s – Kerry on Amigo on the left, Me on Dimmer in the middle and Dani on Sandfly on the right… it was Dani’s first muster.

OK now I need to get some rest for the Surf to City walk in the morning!