Our BIG move

This is my diary of our new life in New Zealand up to 2011 when we moved to QLD to be near our grandchildren...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I just received the disk of the photos that I took for the canteen ride in through Invercargill... these are a selection.

mmmm..... Roving Photographer - now that sound more exciting than Document Purifier!
Its the Cavalcade this weekend so I am charging the camera and praying for good weather

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The secret is out

Sorry for the lack of updates - my Laptop has got sick - my screen is not working - so its either a bulb or a regulator or the whole screens gone!

I am in the process of finding out....So not many photos for this update

So what was the "big secret" - well it was a secret for Rob (and Jason) and that was that our Daughter Rachel along with her partner Rich and my darling Grandson Cole were on their way to NZ to set up home!

Rob sat stunned on Saturday 25th of Feb at 12.30ish on our sofa (after me dragging him up at 7.30am to take a trailer back to Mitre 10 Mega (NZ equivalent 0f B&Q) as he was short of 18m of decking) - so he was just having a sarnie and a cuppa when they walked in the door!

I was busy cleaning up otherwise I would have grabbed the camera and filmed it! (slack f me, I know!!)

Rob did not recognise them at first (he later told me he was trying to work out if he worked with the bloke standing in front of him!) But Rachel did have loads of blonde streaks in her hair too, so she did not look like she did when we saw her last on webcam.

And it was only when Cole turned around and Rachel said "well Father arn't you going to say hello?" that he CLICKED!
Then there was a lot of "but????" from Rob... and finally he twigged & said "what are you doing here? - Your mum was speaking to you in the UK this morning????"

Rich replied " I thought I would help you finish the deck"

So Rob got over the shock and then Rich and Rob finished nailing the decking down while Cole Supervised and Myself and Rachel lounged on the finished part enjoying the sunshine.

We went for a walk on Omaui Beach later, and Cole splashed in the sea and played football with Jason. (ooh found a picture to load)

The weather forcast was rain? but we had a beautiful sunny weekend (Just for their arrival) so that was good.

They are now settling in and we are getting used to having a full house again.

Jason has been busy too (Coles new best friend and Footy partner!)
And that was the big secret - and I am very pleased that they finally arrived safe and sound.